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Ασφαλιστικός Γονέας

Asfalistikos Goneas
The first insurance… of love

Asfalistikos Goneas – Lifecard is an innovative insurance that helps your family cover their everyday economic needs, in the unfortunate case that you, as a natural parent, will not be able to fulfill this mission because of hospitalization, or loss of life caused by an accident.

European Reliance is the sole bearer of the program “Asfalistikos Goneas – Lifecard”.  The program is offered as an act of solidarity towards the Greek Community.

Program Advantages:
  • There is no cost for you.
  • Your family’s everyday shopping needs are covered in the event of hospitalization or loss of life caused by an accident. In both cases, the maximum coverage amount is €1.500 per month, or €18.000 per year.
  • It’s economically essential for your everyday shopping, like the natural parent is. By being a member of the program, if you have an insurance contract with European Reliance, or if you make a contract in the future, you can have a significant premium discount.
  • If you are 18-70 years old, you can easily ensure your participation in the “Αsfalistikos Goneas – Lifecard” program.

You may fill in the on-line form here, and you will receive your card at the stated address.

Alternatively, by visiting one of European Reliance’s Sales Offices, you can fill in an application, and immediately obtain your personal card. You can find the nearest European Reliance Office here. Furthermore, you can browse through the affiliated companies, and also see their premium discount percentage.