Strong points

Trustworthiness and reliability

The market is suffering from a lack of trustworthiness and reliability under the “shadow” of the dozens of insurance companies that have closed down (over 130 from 1977 to the present). People currently fear that it is likely their insurance company won’t actually exist when it is called upon to pay and this makes criteria such as trustworthiness and reliability foremost when potential policyholders select their insurance company.
EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. is the first and only private insurance company that was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange through a public offering and to this day continues to be traded there. 
It is the only company among the listed on the ASE which improved its net position through the application of the International Accounting Standards (+13%), while all the other publicly traded insurance companies suffered losses (from -76,9% up to -181,3%).
It is the first insurance company to receive ISO 9001:2000 accreditation from the European institution TUV NORD (in 2002), and the first to implement the new ISO 9001:2008 accreditation to the entire scope of its offered services.

Completeness of provided services

EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. is not an ordinary insurance company.
Coupled with its subsidiaries and its valuable strategic agreements with other business groups, it is an organization which provides comprehensive services which cover the needs and/or desires of the private individuals or legal entities which place their trust in our company.
Insurance services cover all sectors, ranging from investments (Mutual Funds, Private Banking), Banking (all types of loans, credit cards), medical/hospital assistance, road/travel, technical and general assistance as well as other services provided through special monopoly “products”.
In other words, EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. fully covers everything we struggle for day and night (with the full knowledge that we will not always be able to do so), such as a healthy income, a happy family, personal wealth and its investment, as well as our own and our family’s quality of life.

Provided services

At EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY SA, we use four words to describe the level of service we provide to our clients. These are: speed, politeness, motivation and a smile. 
At EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A., we all hear the word ‘client’ and stand up out of respect.
Our progress and development from 1977 to the present day has been based solely on the services we provide and on principles such as honesty, consistency and hard work.

Stable Management

Since 1977, EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. boasts a stable management, solid values and policies, and a strong business philosophy, while its distinct culture remains an essential part of its management team. In EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. our policies do not change with every management reshuffle, nor do “newcomers” appear out of the blue to replace old and trusted employees who have toiled for the company for years. Thus, it is not our customers who have to pay the price as the weakest link following changes in management or to philosophies, individuals, rules and organizations.
It is a privilege (we believe) which we use in favour of our policyholders.


From the first day of its existence until now (and always within the framework of the foreseeable future) EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. was and continues to be a 100% Greek company, not succumbing to the trend of switching sides, from Greek to foreign and vice versa. We are not chauvinists; we also purchase products but only if they are of a better quality, at better prices and offered by reputable institutions.
EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. is one of the most trustworthy insurance companies offering quality products at prices which mean that Greeks do not have to purchase products from institutions with foreign interests. We are Greek, our children live here; our homes, our jobs and our interests are here.
If we don’t think Greek, we don’t have the right to complain about why foreigners don’t think….Greek.
We can’t demand foreigners to display more philhellenism than the Greeks themselves. Think about it.

A real limited company

EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. does not belong to a single individual.
No single person owns 51% and the notion of the “boss and everyone else” is simply not the case.
EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. is jointly owned by over 3.000 employees (therefore they are not only employees but owners of the company as well), in addition to 4.000 shareholders which include one of the largest and fastest growing banks.
This is not something common for a market where the majority of insurance companies call themselves a “limited company” while in reality they are owned by one individual or a family. We do not claim that this is a bad thing but it doesn’t fit in with our corporate culture. According to our views, it is fair, proper and ethical, for an insurance company to belong to the people who created it. 

We are not claiming to be always right but this is our deepest belief which we have served consistently since 1977 for the mutual benefit of all, policy holders, employees and shareholders.


Our principles have a dual role. They are the cornerstone upon which European Reliance was built, and they are also what governs the life of the individuals who serve and are served by the company. These principles are honesty and commitment towards everyone we associate with, be it a policyholder, an employee or a shareholder.
These principles are non-negotiable; together with hard work and our service-oriented mentality they were and continue to be the main force that has driven EUROPEAN RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY S.A. from being a small market player in 1977 to the leading position it enjoys in the market today.