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4 reasons to choose European Reliance’s online insurance:

  • The company’s solvency
  • Need for survival
  • Purchase price
  • Market access

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210 8119670

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In case of a car accident

Useful Numbers
• Accident Care                               1137
• Road and travel assistance        1137
• Expert Accident
  (Daily 09:00 - 20:00
  Saturday 09:00 - 17:00)      210 8119700

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Car insurance

If you drive a car, no matter how often you use it or how old it is. What matters is that both you and your car must be insured from any possible danger.

In European Reliance, we provide full coverage, not only for the damage that may be caused to third parties, but also for you and your passengers with comprehensive programs to repair damage from any possible hazard as fire , theft, natural disasters, broken windows and other.

Get online your car insurance with one of the programs that we recommend you, choosing the covers you want, quickly and simply in 3 steps. Moreover you can benefit from a 5% discount by paying your premiums with your credit card.

If your vehicle is already insured in European Reliance, please contact your personal insurance agent, or the Customer Service Department.

Premiums Calculation

Note: The online insurance relates to all car types except GT, GTI, TURBO, RS and Rally Sport. The online insurance relates to owners holding driving license issued by a country - EU member. For more information please call 210 8119670.