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The need for the absolute safety of the building and the contents of your business, against a multitude of natural and not only dangers, has now become one of the foremost concerns for every entrepreneur. 
Τhe business insurance programs can now put an end to your insecurity.
This is because the programs are designed to provide complete protection for both your building and its contents from any danger.
Τhe business insurance programs include a range of covers which take into account your business in terms of fire which can be caused by negligence, lightning, explosion, short circuiting, forest fires and natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, storms, snow, hail and frost.
They also provide your business with security against the risk of theft, robbery at the till, terrorist activities, strikes, political disturbances and malicious damage.
And the benefits don’t stop here.
Τhe insurance programs for buildings and businesses protect your business from leaks and ruptured pipes, vehicle collision, breaking of shop windows, liability of fire transmission to third parties, loss of income and even damage caused by earthquakes.

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