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Ασφάλεια Παιδιού

As a parent, you want your child to lead a happy and successful life.
From the minute your baby is born, you wish to make sure it has anything it needs.
Have you however, secured its future?
With the child insurance programs, you are actively involved in creating a better future for your child, from the minute it is born.
At European Reliance we have created specific child insurance programs which can secure their education and professional advancement.
They also ensure their hospital and outpatient care as well as their future in the case that something unexpected happens to their parents.
Τhere are many benefits to the child insurance programs.
If you are interested in covering the needs of your child’s studies and/or professional advancement, the amount you save will help you cope with educational costs,which are increasing every year, in the future.
If you are interested in covering your child’s hospital and/or outpatient care, the program you choose will help you cope with the increased costs of any potential treatment.
Additionally, you can benefit from an annual interest rate of 3,35% in contrast to placing your savings in a bank every month where interest rates are much lower. Finally, there are also tax benefits you can enjoy with every program which is not the case with a bank account.

If you would like more information regarding European Reliance’s child insurance programs, please fill in the form expressing your interest and we will contact you.

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