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Our offer to the society

Within our social responsibility actions to support the Greek society, European Reliance offers free of charge the unique insurance product “Asfalistikos Goneas”! 

Please watch the video below to understand the advantages of using Asfalistikos Goneas.

 Useful Information

How much does it cost?

It is totally free!
Asfalistikos Goneas is offered free of charge by European Reliance, with no insurance premiums and is an act of solidarity towards the Greek society, a major act of Corporate Social Responsibility.

For whom is “Asfalistikos Goneas”?

Asfalistikos Goneas applies for the entire Greek society, aged between 18-70 years old.

 How can you estimate the total amount of your purchases?

Download Asfalistikos Goneas app to have direct access to the collaborating companies and get informed on the amount that you have collected for free purchases and return of premiums.

You can get Asfalistikos Goneas with one of the following ways!

  • Fill in your personal information here or
  • Contact your personal Insurance Intermediary or
  • Call us at +30 2108119690

What is Asfalistikos Goneas?

Asfalistikos Goneas is provided exclusively by European Reliance free of charge and it can be used for your daily purchases. It is an Insurance Policy without “small print” that covers the utmost need of your family to survive, when you will not be able to stay close, in case of an accident and simultaneously gives you the opportunity to decrease your insurance premiums.

What does it offer?

  1. Free shopping expenses up to € 1,500 per month for an entire year for your family, in case of loss of life after an accident.
  2. Free shopping expenses up to € 1,500 per month, in case of hospitalization after an accident and for hospitalization time period equal to twelve months.
  3. In case you already have or in the future get an insurance policy, i. e. Motor, Fire, Life, etc., you will receive upon the renewal of your policy, the amount that you collected while shopping with the card “Asfalistikos Goneas”. European Reliance will return up to 100% of the amount of your insurance premiums, decreased by one Euro. The return amount depends on the height of your purchases in the collaborating companies .

How do you use Asfalistikos Goneas?

In all of your transactions in large and leading companies, after paying with your credit, debit card or with cash, you hand over the card of Asfalistikos Goneas to update your rights for free purchases and return of premiums.

Which are the collaborating companies and the return rates?

Read more about the collaborating companies and the return rates by clicking here.
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