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Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Why acquire motor insurance
 Sense of safety

It is important to feel safe and confident when choosing an insurance company.


Select the products you need, according to your real needs.


Pay the necessary insurance premiums and stay confident that whatever happens, you will receive your compensation.

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Useful information for your car insurance

In the case of a road accident


  • Stop immediately at the place of the accident, take all necessary road safety precautionary measures and contact the closest Police Department.
  • In case of injuries or death, call First Aid.
  • Try to keep the scene of the accident intact to facilitate the work of the Police.


  • Call Road Accident Care at 2119909000, any time 24/7. Specialized personnel will give you all necessary advice and will visit the scene of the accident in Greece or in another European country.
  • If the road accident occurs in Greece and your vehicle is immobilized, Road Accident Care will organize and pay the expenses for the towing of your vehicle to the car service station of your preference, within the prefecture of the scene of the accident (even if you do not have road assistance in your insurance policy).
  • Fill in the Amicable Settlement Form, so that you would not need to wait for a reply from the other insurance company within the following 10 days.


If you did not call Road Accident Care, to fill in the accident application form and get all necessary documents, you must submit the application form in your Insurance Company, within the first 8 days, after the date of the accident. In this application form, you must report with every detail all facts and information related to the event. You may submit the application form in the following ways:

  1. In person.
  2. Via fax at +30 210-6800989 or with email at:
  3. With a registered letter in the address 274 Kifisias Avenue, 15232, Chalandri, with the authentication of your signature. Request a sample of the Amicable Settlement Form by your Insurance Consultant.
  4. Call the Motor Claims Department of the Company at +30 2108119700 to book an appointment with a loss adjuster.
    For any further information or to submit your questions, you may contact us at

To repair the damages of your vehicle

European Reliance gives you the opportunity for immediate repair of damages in your vehicle in the contracted car service stations, in case of road accident for damages that you are not liable for. Moreover, our Company covers damages related to additional coverages of your policy (Fire, Third Party Liability, Partial Theft, etc.) Why select one of the contracted car service stations?

In a contracted car service station, you can benefit from:

  • Direct payment of the damages by European Reliance.
  • Replacement of the damaged spare parts with new ones for vehicles up to 6 year-old.
  • The car service station will replace your car with one that serves your needs, if the repair of your vehicle requires more than 2 days.
  • Coverage of window breakage (without waiver of premiums). 
  • Check in 20 different parts, before the final return of the repaired vehicle.
  • Guarantee for the repair of your vehicle and special discounts on every service or repair, if they are not included in the insurance policy.

Useful Telephones & Emails

General Information
+30 2108119700, (Monday- Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM)
Claims Department - Motor experts
(Monday- Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM)
+30 2108119700,
Customer Service Department
(Monday- Friday 9:00 - 18:00 PM)
+30 2108119670,
Road Accident Care
+30 2119909000 
Road - Travel Assistance
+30 2119909000 
Carglass +30 2130110079

Contracted Car Service Stations

You can find all contracted car service stations here.