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Study & Vocational Rehabilitation System ''Paideia''  

The most significant act of love for your children!

A responsible and loving act for your children! Taking for granted that the most generally acceptable beliefs: 

  1. In a society with high levels of competition, in both professional and personal level, the best salaries and working positions belong to the young people with good education, good behavior and good upbringing.
  2. Education is the best “gift” that parents can provide to their children, and along with their love and attention until they become of age, education is a priority and an act of love.
  3. You already have to pay a large part of your income for the survival of your children (food, clothing, accommodation, nursery and primary school, vacation, toys, etc.) until they become of age and keep enjoying the progress of your children. However, if something unfortunate happens to you, this aspiration may not be achieved, the survival of your children may be difficult and they may not be able to complete their studies. 

With the Study & Vocational Rehabilitation System "Paideia”, European Reliance undertakes the finances of your children, like a natural parent would do, and provides them with:

  1. A monthly income in case of loss of life of the parent due to accident, at the height of your preferences, until your child becomes of age, with the minimum possible financial sacrifices. For example, the insurance premiums for a monthly income of € 1,000 and a lump sum of € 10,000 for a 3-year old child and a 35-year old parent are € 22.70 per month. 
  2. A monthly income for the studies of your children, for the age from 18 to 23 years old and a lump sum when they become 23 years old, for their vocational rehabilitation, through a scheduled system for savings, defined by the natural parent. The insurance premiums for this benefit will create a savings account and therefore they cannot be considered as expenses.
  3. Payment of the insurance premiums by European Reliance, on behalf of the natural parent, in case of permanent disability for work or loss of life of the parent.
  4. Additional benefits via the Scheme “Asfalistikos Goneas” which is provided exclusively by European Reliance and the co-branded card of European Reliance -VISA, through which, apart from other benefits, the coverage ensures the opportunity for return of the payable insurance premiums.
Assurance for your children

A monthly income for the period of their studies from the age of 18 to 23 years old and lump sum on their 23rd birthday to support their professional integration, with the savings that you have made based on your financial abilities. The insurance premiums of this product will create your savings and therefore should not be considered as expenses.

 A monthly income in case of loss of life due to an accident, determined by you, when they reach the age of 18. This Product requires from you the minimum financial sacrifice, because for a monthly income equal to € 1,000 and lump sum at € 10,000 for a 3-year old child and a 35-year old parent, the insurance premiums are estimated at € 22.70 per month.

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Your children's education is the most valuable thing you can offer to them