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Building Insurance

The need to secure the building and the content of your business, from a number of natural and not only risks, is one of your main concerns. The business insurance products of European Reliance are created to protect the building and its content from all risks.

 Group Insurance

Group Insurance is necessary for every business, as it gives extra motives and a series of benefits to the personnel, creating feelings of satisfaction. The group insurance products of European Reliance offer solutions to your business, increasing the productivity of your human resources.

 Financial Loss

With this insurance coverage, you will have additional protection for your business, in case of property damage in the building and/or its content. Usual coverages protect from loss of income, loss of profit, loss of wages and operating expenses (interests, compensations, etc.), for as long as your business or real estate remains under damage, up to its overall restoration.


The cargo insurance products offer to your business the opportunity to become more dynamic. After ensuring the transportation of your cargo, our cargo insurance products will allow you to expand your business activities and feel confident, despite the commercial risks.

 Third Party Liability

With the Third Party Liability products we can assure your financial obligations to third parties, in case you become liable, due to an act or an omission for an act, of bodily injury (injury or death) of another person, or liable for damage of assets of another third party or for any other type of financial loss (Professional Third Party Liability).

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