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We remain at your disposal Monday to Thursday 09:00 - 18:00 and Friday 09:00 - 17:00.

Road - Travel Assistance Mondial Assistance  

Call us in case of an accident or need for Road Assistance.

Road - Travel Assistance Interpartner Assistance 

Call us in case of an accident or need for Road Assistance.

Claim Adjusters & Damages

In case of an accident, book your appointment with a claims adjuster.

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European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A. has as main concern to stay close to its customers. If you wish to submit a complaint for the Company and the provided services, please fill in the following Application Form. It is clarified that within the meaning of the word complaint, we do not include announcements of claims, requests for compensation or simple requests related to the performance of your policy and the provision of information or clarifications. Alternatively, you may send your complaints with a letter via post office, fax or email. For any further information, or clarifications, please call the Complaints Department of the Company.

Complaints Department
274 Kifisias Avenue, 15232, Chalandri
Tel: +30 2108119794, Fax: + 30 210 8119795

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One of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions
You can find the payment code for your insurance policy and complete your payment by clicking here.

For the best customer service experience, European Reliance uses all modern methods for the payment of the insurance premiums. You can pay with one of the following ways: 

1. In your Bank using the Bank Payment Code:
- Internet banking 
- phone banking 
- automated payment systems (APS) 
- charge your bank account in the cash registers of any of the retail offices
- payment in cash in the cash registers of the retail office

The above payment methods apply if they are provided by your Bank and give you options for the payment of your premiums to European Reliance. Any additional charges depend on the pricing policy of each banking institution.

2. With our credit cards “LIFECARD VISA” and “ASFALISTIKOS GONEAS - LIFECARD CREDIT” in cooperation with Piraeus Bank, with which you can pay your insurance policy in up to 12 interest-free monthly installments and at the same time get a discount for your insurance premiums. Get informed on the benefits of the cards by your Insurance Intermediary or by calling the Customer Service Department at +30 2108119670. (*).

3. With Onlinepay.
- With the use of a debit, credit or prepaid card Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express. Especially with the use of the credit card you can pay your insurance policy in up to 12 interest-free monthly installments.

- With charge in your bank account in Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank, Eurobank or the National Bank of Greece via IRIS online payments service.

4. With a standing order by Visa and MasterCard: by activating the standing order you have the ability to  get a discount in your insurance premiums or pay your policy in interest-free installments. If you wish to activate a standing order, please use the service Onlinepay. (*)

5. With a standing order and charge in your bank account. (*)
6. Via the Hellenic Post Office using the special document for payment of bills in the lowest part of the website. For any extra charges please check the pricing policy of the Hellenic Post Offices.
- If you select payment methods No. 2, 3 & 4 your will not have any additional charges.
- In cases 2 and 5, the standing order is forwarded to the customer code and is valid for the total of the insurance policies that are related to this code and are connected to a standing order. Therefore, the assignment to a payment card or a bank account replaces any previous standing order for the total of the insurance policies that are related to this customer code.
- For more information, please contact your Insurance Intermediary or the Customer Service Department at, or tel. +30 210 8119 670 or fax +30  210 8119 789.

What should I do in case of an accident or immobilization of the vehicle?

- Please take all necessary road safety precautionary measures.
- Contact the nearest Police Station Dept. If there is a special reason, call the national Emergency Service at 166.
- Call Road and Travel Assistance at +30 2119909000 (from a landline or mobile phone), 24/7 and give us information on the accident and your exact location. The call is valid for all accidents within the Greek territory.
- Please fill in the Amicable Settlement Form. Otherwise, you might need to wait up to 7 days for the reply of the other insurance company.
- If you do not call Accident Care, you will have to submit the form in the Company within 8 days from the date of the accident, including all details.
- Inform the Claims Department of European Reliance at +30 210 8119700 (working hours and days) to announce your damage and request for claims adjustment.


What should I do if I need Road Assistance?

If you have valid insurance coverage, please call Mondial Assistance at +30 2119909000 or Interpartner Assistance at +30 2111075709 and report your location and the exact license plate number. The coverage applies in Greece and abroad.

What should I do if I need to repair the damages of my vehicle?

European Reliance gives you the opportunity for immediate repair of the damages of your vehicle in the contracted car service stations, in case of road accident for damages for which you are not liable.

Moreover, our Company covers damages included in the additional coverages of your policy (Fire, Third Party Liability, Partial Theft, etc.)
The advantages of choosing one of the contracted car service stations are the following:
- Direct payment of the damage by European Reliance.
- Replacement of the damaged spare parts with new ones for vehicles no older than 6 years.
- The car service station will provide a car to meet your needs, if the repair of your vehicle requires more than 2 days.
- Coverage for window breakage (without waiver of premiums).
- Check in 20 different parts, before the final return of the repaired vehicle.
- Guarantee for the repair.
- Special discounts for any service or repair, if it is not included in your insurance policy.
You can find all contracted car service stations here.


What can I do in case of window breakage of the vehicle?

The cooperating company Carglass® can assist you with the repair of any broken window in your car. To book an appointment, you may call + 30 213 0110079 or click the following link here.


Which are the Medical Institutions that cooperate with European Reliance?

Which car service stations cooperate with European Reliance?

 You may find the Car Service Stations that cooperate with European Reliance by clicking in the following link here.