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Publication of 2014 Sustainability Report according to the GRI G4 framework

European Reliance publishes for a 4th consecutive year an Annual Sustainability Report. The Report’s main target is to inform all interested parties on the policies, programs, actions and future targets of the company which continue to focus on the promotion of CSR.
European Reliance is the first and sole insurance company which publishes a Sustainability Report following the updated GRI guidelines, i.e. GRI G4. Furthermore, it is the only insurance company which uses an integrated CO2 measurement system which led to a CO2 emission reduction by 16,6% in 2014.  

The 2014 Sustainability Report includes, among others, CSR principles related to Human Resources, relationship with customers, social and sports contribution, protection of the environment through concrete activities allowing for drastic reduction of the carbon footprint.
European Reliance considers Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR as main pillar of its development strategy. As a socially responsible entity exhibiting environmental awareness and social aspect, European Reliance will continue to implement its targets and commitments in its effort to sustainably promote eco and human-friendly financial development.

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