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New advertising campaign under general motto “We, in European Reliance”

European Reliance within the framework of its advertising promotion runs its new advertising campaign with tv spots and digital content. 
This campaign under general motto “We, in European Reliance” will be on air up to the end of December and through these four TV spots the Company presents the uniqueness of the schemes of European Reliance. 
More specifically, the spots present the scheme “Family Care”, which ensures stable income up to 15 years, the scheme “Klironomia”, that provides insurance coverage to property and protection from the certain risk of inheritance tax and the scheme “Asfalistikos Goneas, that is the only scheme in the market that allows the owners to adjust their insurance premiums and that allows free purchases for 12 months in the families of the insured. 
The Company, based on its extensive experience in the insurance sector and driven by the unique relationship of trust with the Greek society, creates and enhances schemes that offer real value to the insured and this is the message forwarded with this new advertising campaign.