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“True Leader” for the 9th consecutive year

European Reliance Group of Companies received for the 9th consecutive year the “True Leader” award in a glamorous ceremony held by Icap Group in the Divani Caravel Hotel. This award ranks our Organization among the six Companies and Groups that receive this distinction since the first establishment of the institution.
European Reliance Group of Companies successfully met for another year the four objective standards for Profitability, Personnel Increase and Distinguished Position in the Insurance Industry, based on its Turnover and Credit Rating.
This distinction of the Group European Reliance as a “True Leader” marks the following:
  • European Reliance Group is included among the 200 most profitable Groups for 2018.
  • It is ranked among the 150 Groups with the largest number of employees.
  • It is one of the 150 Groups that increased the number of employees from 2017 to 2018.
  • It is a Company that based on its Turnover stands in the top ranking of the insurance sector.
  • It is a Company with high ICAP Score (Credit Rating).
The Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Chris Georgakopoulos, received the award and stated: “We are proud that for the ninth consecutive year we are between the leaders of the Greek economy. It is a distinction that only six companies in the Greek market receive continuously since 2011. Our distinction as a True Leader company is a result of the trust of our customers, shareholders and the collective effort of the Company’s Management, Human Resources and the Sales Network.