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“Asfalistikos Goneas” Insurance Scheme awarded the policyholders with return of premiums for the year 2019

European Reliance awarded the policyholders of the scheme “Asfalistikos Goneas” with an amount reaching almost € 510,000.
This amount refers to return of the premiums saved by the policyholders of the scheme through their daily purchases in the cooperating businesses.
European Reliance has developed a large network of cooperating businesses throughout Greece, which constantly increases with new partnerships.
Among others, the scheme includes the companies Sklavenitis, Masoutis, Revoil, EKO, BP, Plaisio, Market In, Notos, Sephora, Vodafone, Adidas, BSB, Lynne, Pet City etc. and the policyholders, depending on their daily purchases, can shape the amounts of:
  • the insurance premiums paid for any current or future insurance policy in European Reliance.
  • the free purchases provided to their family for the time period of up to 12 months., in case of hospital treatment or loss of life of the policyholder due to accident.
If you are interested to learn more or subscribe to the Insurance Scheme “Asfalistikos Goneas”, please visit our website, download the free App of the Scheme or contact one of the 5,400 insurance agents of European Reliance throughout Greece.