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Comprehensive Family Protection System ''Family Care''

A responsible, loving act and a valuable gift to your family!

We cannot foresee the end of our life. No one can.

But we can prevent the unfortunate, even tragic, financial consequences and smoothen the emotional anguish of our loved ones. With one simple responsible and loving act. 
For this reason, we have created the family life insurance product “Family Care”.

With “Family Care” European Reliance undertakes the basic expenses of your family, for a time period up to 15 years, in case something unfortunate happens to you.
Family Care is a responsible and loving act and a valuable gift to your family! 

  1. It covers the basic needs of your family, ensuring a monthly income from € 100 up to € 2,000, for a time period up to 15 years, according to your preferences.
  2. With Family Care, European Reliance will pay for the immediate obligations of your family a lump sum equal to ten times your monthly income. For example, for a monthly income of € 2,000, you will receive the lump sum of € 20,000 for a time period up to 15 years, according to your preferences.
  3. It has an incredible low cost at an affordable price.
  4. It is provided exclusively by European Reliance via the extended network of insurance agents throughout Greece.
  5. You can apply for “Family Care” with a simple application form, with immediate effect and without any conditions.

It has been proven in action, that the greatest risk that threatens the survival of a family is not the loss of life, nor the indifference, - on the contrary, most parents would give their life for their children- but behaviors characterized by negligence, procrastination and ignorance of the real price of the family life insurance coverage “Family Care”.  After all it is a common unfortunate practice, to sacrifice the big and significant things for the small and insignificant ones.

With ''Family Care'' you can ensure your family

Fixed monthly income from €100 to €2,000 up to 15 years, if, for some reason, you cannot stay close to your family.

Lump sum equal to ten times your monthly income.

Why acquire ''Family Care''

It is a low cost product at an affordable price. The cost is very low compared to the expenses that you make for meaningless and insignificant possessions and for this reason you may not have realized its worth.

It is easy to get it and has an immediate effect, without any requirements.

It is a source of peace and tranquility and the best gift you can give to your family.

With “Family Care” you can be confident that no matter what happens, your family will get a fixed, monthly income to survive.

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 A guide for the protection of your family

Useful information for the creation of a comprehensive insurance product

Is Life Insurance expensive? Can the average Greek family pay the insurance premiums?

In all the insurance coverages, the real benefits and costs are appreciated at the time of the compensation. A life insurance policy is not as expensive as one may think, especially compared to its benefits. On the contrary, the entertainment expenses of our everyday life may correspond to the protection of your loved ones. Is it worth risking their future?

Life Insurance is affordable to the average Greek citizen and can be adjusted to your financial abilities, since we provide flexibility on the selection of the height of the fund, the duration and type of the coverages.

 Are you saving money but still it is not enough?

Savings can be towards the right direction but may lack a specific objective. Our specialized insurance consultants will assist you in the preparation of your financial plan, based on your living expenses, your other expenses and the funds that are required for your spouse and/or your children and they will help you estimate the amount that your family will need. Family Life Insurance is a special part of our financial plan and is oriented towards the protection of your loved ones.

Am I too young to have Family Life Insurance?

There is no certain age that defines when it is the best time to get Family Life Insurance. Each individual decides separately on when it is the right time to protect their loved ones, since the appropriate age for the creation of a family is different for every person. However, when you decide to get Family Life Insurance, you should take into account that the younger you are, the less the insurance cost would be. 

Do I really need Family Life Insurance? I already have Group Life Insurance.

The group insurance coverages that many companies provide to their employees, offer a very important package. However, individual life insurance coverage has other privileges. To be more precise, the sum insured is related with gross remuneration, therefore, the conditions are changing, since the benefits could change or be removed, upon the decision of the employer, or the employee may change a working place. In any case, individual life insurance coverage offers a package that is “tailor-made” for you, in which we adjust the terms to the needs of our family.


What else do you get from Life Insurance?

Less stress, worries and concerns for the future of your loved ones. The mental relief that Life Insurance coverage could offer to the protection of your family is very important. The “protection network” that one creates – in the unpleasant thought that something bad could happen - it is what leads you to take care of your family, so that it would not have to pay large and extraordinary expenses at difficult moments.