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Comprehensive Heritage Insurance Product ''Klironomia''

Inheritance Tax in Greece. Who will pay it? You? Or European Reliance?

If you examine the deeper causes of non-insuring your assets, your income, the life of your family members or your property, you will realize that there are basically two reasons:

  • Firstly, you probably estimate that the risks that could threaten your assets – risks of earthquake, fire, flood, thefts, accident, early loss of life, etc. are insignificant and uncertain and they could never occur to you. For this reason, you do not estimate the unfortunate financial impact that they could have on your life. If you knew that in the following days an earthquake or a fire would ruin your home or your business, you would certainly sign a contract for insurance coverage.
  • Secondly, you believe that you have to pay your insurance premiums. European Reliance is the only insurance company that gives you the opportunity to protect your assets from all possible risks, the risk of fire, earthquake, flood, theft, etc., and from another certain and inevitable risk: the Inheritance Tax.  With the Comprehensive Income Protection System “Klironomia”, you can receive the following benefits:
  1. Payment of the Inheritance Tax through your insurance premiums in up to i. e. 480 monthly installments, instead of 12 bi-monthly installments, that the applicable Law defines, provided that you live to a ripe old age.
  2. Your loved ones would have to pay only a small amount of the inheritance tax, in case of loss of life of the policyholder. European Reliance will pay all other installments of the Inheritance Tax, without any additional obligations for you or your family.
  3. You can keep your property in your own name, avoiding transmission, i. e. via parental grant. In case of a parental grant, you would have to immediately pay the transmission tax, which is equal to the Inheritance Tax, and could have two possible negative consequences:
    i. You may have to pay the Inheritance Tax on your own, for the property that you will transmit, in case of loss of life of your heir.
    ii. You may have to live your old age without the luxury of your savings. 
Reasons you do not have property insurance

You do not believe that these risks could happen to you. 

You believe that you have to pay a large amount for the insurance premiums. However, the premiums for a risk that is certain as the loss of life are very low.

 With the Property Insurance Product “Klironomia” we provide to you the following benefits:

Your loved ones would not have to pay the Inheritance Tax, in case of early loss of life. European Reliance will pay the tax, without any further obligations by you or your family.

With “Klironomia” Insurance Product you can pay the Inheritance Tax in the form of insurance premiums in up to i.e. 480 monthly installments, instead of 12 to 48 installments that the applicable legislation defines, provided that you have lived to a ripe old age.

With “Klironomia” you keep the ownership of the property in your individual name, avoiding transmission, i.e. via parental grant and enjoy your old age with plenty of money. 

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