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Significant increase 11.2% of the 2019 gross written premiums

Significant increase of the gross written premiums in 2019 for European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A. 
More specifically, the net written premiums plus the policy fees exceeded the amount of € 200 mil. at € 212.4 mil., presenting 11.2% increase, comparing to 2018. 
Moreover, the Company closed another successful fiscal year, presenting a significant gross written premium increase in all insurance sectors:

  • 28.5% Life net written premiums plus Policy Fees increase at € 64.0 mil, versus 49.8 mil. in 2018. 
  • 4.9% Motor net written premiums plus Policy Fees increase at € 105.5 mil., versus € 100.6 mil. in the same period of 2018
  • 5.4% Non-Life net written premiums plus Policy Fees increase at € 42.8 mil., versus 40.6 mil. in 2018.

European Reliance over the past decade has managed, within a difficult environment, to play a significant role in the Insurance Market, proving its financial endurance. The Company has doubled its market share over the past years, at 5.1%. 
European Reliance applies its values and respect towards all citizens, the society and the environment and will play a leading role in the Private Insurance Sector.