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Significant investment of the Group in Renewable Energy Resources

European Reliance Group of Companies, staying true to its values and forwarding the development of the Renewable Energy Resources as a mean of sustainable development, completed the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of the Company AEM ENERGY SYSTEMS P.C. , which will be from now on a new subsidiary of the Group.
Through this acquisition, European Reliance will have in its position a photovoltaic station in the prefecture of Larissa, equal to nominal value 0.5 ΜWh, which is connected with the medium voltage network of the Public Power Station. 
With this special acquisition, along with the current photovoltaic station in the rooftop of the central offices, the Group European Reliance becomes a Producer of Green Energy. The adjustment to the new investment and development standards is a strategic decision directly related to the energetic footprint of ISO 50001:2011 Certification of European Reliance Group of Companies. 
The Group sets new standards in its activities, limits the carbon footprint and demonstrates in a tangible way its commitment towards the sustainable development with transparency and responsibility.