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“Digital, yet Human" Open Day on Digital Transformation

European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A. recently completed an Open Day on digital transformation under the title “Digital, yet Human” for the Executive Directors, Head Officers of the Company’s Internal Operations and the Directors of the Sales Network.
During the Open Day, the leadership of European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A. analyzed the alignment of the Digital Transformation Business Plan with the Company’s vision and strategy, by focusing on the attraction of new customers, the improvement of the services and support of the regulatory requirements.
Moreover, top-ranking external speakers deepened the discussions on new technologies and explained how these technologies can change the world around us, the new business models that create opportunities and risks, presented further information on the digital transformation, as a mean for the Company’s  and the personnel’s improvement, and the fact that the keyword in digital transformation is the world “transformation” and not the world “digital”. 
Mr. Panagiotis Georgiou, Director of the Chief Executive Officer and President of the IT Steering Committee of the Company, stated: “European Reliance has the capacity to adapt, has changed many times over the past and constantly dares to be innovative, differentiate from the competition and always stays true to its principles and values.
Digital transformation, through the adoption of new technologies and innovative systems, will provide further development and keep the focus of the Company on the human factor.”
With this Open Day, European Reliance launches an intense plan of actions on digital strategy for the next three years, which includes a series of actions, trainings and open days for the executives of the Company and the Sales Network.