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Comprehending the complexity of group insurance for every type of business presupposes an agreement of the following:
  • That salaries are one of the largest expenditures for any business.
  • That every time an employee departs from the business (especially executives), this represents a great loss for the business. This is because every departing employee takes with them the memory of business affairs which their replacement will not have.
  • That a business with discontented employees cannot have good results.
  • That employee satisfaction does not arise from abiding by agreed company commitments but by something extra.

Τhe specific benefits that a business provides through group insurance include:
  • Attaches prestige to the business’ image.
  • Offers indirect benefits and salaries to its staff thereby avoiding qualified staff and management leaving the company, increasing their sense of appreciation towards the business.
  • Limits financial losses in the case of an accident and dynamically compensates social security deficiencies.
  • Limits employee mobilization towards competitive businesses.
  • Offers unquestionable tax and other business incentives.

At European Reliance we have specific suggestions for group insurance which can offer your business with solutions to such concerns, particularly concerning increasing your human resources’ productivity.

Contact us by filling in the form expressing your interest and we will contact you in order to discuss the group insurance plan that best meets your business needs.

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