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4 reasons to choose European Reliance’s online insurance:

  • The company’s solvency
  • Need for survival
  • Purchase price
  • Market access

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Family protection insurance

Your ability to ensure a high quality of life for your loved ones cannot last forever. When this ability no longer exists, for reasons that one cannot predict, then it is time for the comprehensive Family Care family protection system, offered only by European Reliance.
European Reliance’s online family protection system Family Care ensures:
  • A high standard of living for your loved ones in case of accidental loss of life, by providing them with a monthly income that you have planned for.
  • Payment of all of your obligations without any additional charges or burdening your family.
  • The ability to pay premiums in twelve interest-free installments through the use of the European Reliance LifeCard VISA credit card.
In addition, using "Asfalistikos Goneas", without cost, you are able to reduce your premiums so that you pay only €1.

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