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2018-2019 Sustainability Report of European Reliance Group of Companies

European Reliance Group of Companies published its Sustainability Report for years 2018-2019, according to the GRI Reporting Standards, the UN Global Compact, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and ISO 26000 Certification. European Reliance Group of Companies is the only insurance company in Greece that publishes a Sustainability Report based on the aforementioned standards.

The objective of the Sustainability Report is to provide information to all interested parties and the society on the financial, environmental and social actions of the Group that took place in years 2018-2019 and its future objectives that aim at its Socially Responsible function.

The activities and actions of the Group focus on the 7 following pillars: Human Rights, Labor Relations & Practices, the Environment, Social Contribution, Fair Provision of Services, Corporate Governance and Consumer Issues.


  • For Human Rights, the Group supports and organizes actions that enhance the rights of people with disabilities, eradicate poverty, support social structures, and provides for the rights of children.
  • For Labor Relations & Practices, the Group focuses on the benefits, training programs and satisfaction surveys of the employees, rewards the personnel, performs actions for the decrease of pollutants and organizes social actions with main participants its employees.
  • For the Environment, the actions of the Group focus, among others, on the volunteering of the employees in actions for the protection of the environment, on the decrease of the carbon footprint of the companies of the Group, performs investments in renewable energy sources, recycling programs and rewarding recycling programs and actions to decrease water consumption.
  • For Social Contribution, the Group participates in the confrontation of social issues, continues to provide freely the insurance product “Asfalistikos Goneas”, supports the education of children with donations for public education, provides scholarships for young students and organizes actions towards the growth of sports and culture.

European Reliance Group of Companies will continue to operate based on the standards of corporate governance and be a supporter of sustainable development to cover the present needs and support the ability of the future generations to cover the future needs.

The interested parties may find the Sustainability Report in Greek in the following link The Sustainability Report will be available in English in the website of our Company in due time.