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Lower your insurance premiums and pay off in up to 12 interest-free monthly installments!

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Our customer service model
Our Insurance Intermediary, will always be there for you 24/7, consistently guiding you through difficult decisions.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is the protection of your assets

We want the entire Greek society to live, create and develop in conditions of absolute prosperity.

Everyday you do your best to become a better person, to protect your family, to improve your income, to increase your property and to give your loved ones the best quality of life they deserve. Based on your annual budget, you invest the largest part of your income for a better home, a better car, a better school for your children, better clothing, etc.

However, this secure environment that you are trying to create and within it evolve and develop, could be threatened any moment by various risks, which are possible, according to the history of our country, yet of uncertain frequency, such as earthquake, fire, flood or other inevitable risks, such as third age, loss of life or inheritance tax.

By undersigning an insurance policy for these risks with European Reliance you can prevent unfortunate circumstances. Do not carelessness, postponement and the unawareness of the real value and benefits of insurance coverage hinder you from safeguarding your life.

European Reliance, along with the support of its subsidiaries and its precious strategic alliances, stands here to fulfill its mission and secure your possessions, achievements and create for you feelings of peace and tranquility!

We have developed a network all over Greece, with more than 5,600 Insurance Intermediaries and we are available 24/7, to cover your needs with insurance products adjusted to you!

In European Reliance we have a "Dream", which we serve with dedication and consistency since 1977:
  • In European Reliance we have a “Dream” that we serve with loyalty and consistency since 1977.
  • We want a society of Employees that live, create and evolve in a safe, ideal environment of unhindered prospects and fair remuneration.
  • We want a society of Insured, that will live, create and strive to ensure their valuables: Income, family, property, quality of life.
  • We want a society of Investors, that will ensure high returns from their investments with the lowest possible risk, that will support “the Dream”, whenever it is required.
  • We want to ensure the realization of our Dream with an in-house organization and an administrative culture that will not be person-oriented but rather future-oriented.