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Secure your future… with a guarantee

European reliance created for you the Private Pension Scheme, a flexible pension plan which offers you guaranteed returns and the option of additional profit from investments.

By choosing the Private Pension Scheme you secure the desirable standard of living for you and your family in the years that you will retire and enjoy the “fruits of your labor”.

The Private Pension Scheme offered exclusively by European Reliance, is a modern pension savings plan in which you can choose:

  • Your pension sum
  • The time of your retirement  (one month even after the policy is issued)
  • The way your pension shall be paid (lifetime payments, specified duration or lump sum)

In addition, it also offers you the opportunity to:

  • Transfer your pension to another beneficiary in the case of loss of life
  • To readjust the cashable sum according to the outcome of your financial situation
  • To buy-out your pension or use it as collateral for a loan after the first three (3) years.
  • Protect your capital from inflation with a 3% annual readjustment of premiums  

The Private Pension Scheme is offered to you free of charge since it is a systemic savings plan (pension savings) the payments of which are reimbursed by your family if in any case you shall not establish a pension right.

Learn more about the Private Pension Scheme now by filling the form expressing your interest and we will contact you to discuss, without any commitment from your side, about your personal pension plan!

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