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Your house is not only a valuable financial asset. It also has emotional value and nurtures your dreams, happy moments, memories and all the things that you couldn’t imagine living without.
Therefore, the safety of your home should be one of your main priorities.
It is easy to believe that bad things only happen to other people. The facts, however, show that there are numerous unforeseen factors and these concern all of us.
Climate change over the last few years has led to phenomena such as floods, fires, heavy rainfalls, etc. This is without taking account the damages that can be caused by earthquakes.
At European Reliance we recognize the importance and the need for protecting one’s home. So whether you are a home owner or a tenant, European Reliance has designed comprehensive house insurance programs at very affordable prices.
Ensure your home’s comprehensive cover.
Calculate your premiums or buy your house insurance online by clicking on the icon on the right and become insured quickly and easily in just three steps.

Alternatively, if you would like more information regarding European Reliance’s house insurance programs, please fill in the form expressing your interest and we will contact you.

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